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Faba – cattle breeders help

Faba Coop offers a wide range of services to Finnish livestock farmers, advice on breeding, health and reproduction of cattle, including insemination and embryo transfer. Also the safe sale and purchase of livestock and a wide range of useful agricultural equipment and supplies.

About Faba

Faba is a livestock owner’s partner in cattle breeding, reproduction and health, and in the development of the animal’s productivity.

As a cooperative corporation, we want to be the most successful service and sales company in livestock production. The expertise and services of our staff and our products are among the most valued in Finland and internationally.


Faba coop works in close cooperation with the Nordic cattle breeding company VikingGenetics, the breeding association NAV and ProAgria and the agricultural software and solution supplier Mtech Digital Solutions Oy.

In addition, we cooperate and are the owner of Emovet Oy, which provides cattle health services.

Faba – supplier of export heifers

Faba is the only supplier of Finnish heifers. In the export market, demand is mainly from Ayrshire, Holstein, Hereford and Aberdeen-Angus. High-quality breeding material is guaranteed by the EU’s best epizootic situation and innovative breeding strategy to strengthen the health of highly productive cows.

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